Scholars fund drive begins this month

By Fiona Divecha
Manager, Resident Life and Philanthropy

The month of March is designated for the Scholarship Fund Campaign – the one time of year we raise funds to support scholarships for Riderwood staff. The theme for this year’s campaign is “their future is in our hands; our future is in their hands.” As a community, we must focus on how Riderwood scholarships impact the future success of each student employee and their family. In turn, their education and enhanced skills impact our community positively.

In preparation, the Philanthropy Department and Scholarship Committee have been working through the application process. All employees who meet the criteria are accepted into the program. There are many criteria, but the key ones are: at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA; two years and 1000 hours of service to the community; recommendation by a resident or manager; and being in “good standing” as an employee.

We started by advertising the scholarship to all employees to ensure everyone has the same opportunity. Scholarship applications were open from December 18 to January 17. Those who had received a scholarship previously needed to reapply to prove they still met all the criteria, but they did not have to go through the entire process. The process for all new applicants included a personal essay, an in-person interview with several committee members, a resident recommendation to prove they work well with seniors, and an official transcript from the student’s current school. Committee members spent two weeks interviewing all candidates and reviewing their applications. We then conducted a formal review meeting at which time the entire committee made decisions on which candidates were accepted into the program.

We were very impressed by what members of this group of scholars have already achieved and look forward to sharing with you their success and dreams for the future. Please look for TV shows, flyers, posters, and other literature about the scholarship recipients throughout March.

The Scholarship Fund Campaign needs to raise $200,000 to ensure that our student workers, with so much potential, are given financial assistance to achieve their dreams. We thank residents for your kindness and generosity to our students through the years. You will receive a 2018 giving packet in your cubbies on March 1, and the Scholarship Awards Reception will be held on April 10.

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