From the Resident Director’s Desk

By Pat Davis
Director Living in Community, Riderwood Board of Directors

By the time you read this article, the “old” Riderwood Board of Directors will have held its final quarterly meeting. Fortunately, five people from that group will continue on our newly-constituted Board: Jim Anders, Jackson Bain, Eileen Erstad, and Stephanie Reel will serve alongside me. They all know Riderwood well and will work hard on behalf of it and of all 17 communities and 25,000 residents, plus staff and other stakeholders.

The hardest part is saying good-bye to Joanne Rorapaugh who has served Riderwood well for over a decade. Joanne’s background is in commercial real estate, having been VP of Operations for the Madison Management Corporation, Administrator of the Marshall B. Coyne Foundation, and Chair of the Boards of Greenspring and Ashby Ponds. A lifelong Washingtonian, we hope she will continue to be a frequent visitor to our campus and – before long – a fellow resident.

Joining our Community Relations Committee (CRC), while continuing to serve as the Chair of our supporting organization, National Senior Campuses, is Jim Anders, another old friend of Riderwood and past Board Chair. Jim is widely known and respected as the Administrator and Chief Operating Officer of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, an academic, research, educational and healthcare facility for children and young adults with developmental disabilities and spinal cord injuries. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Baltimore and is a Certified Public Accountant. He has a sharp mind, wise judgment, and a big heart and will be a great successor to Joanne on our CRC.

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