Empowering women with Dr. Zina Jacque

By Fiona Divecha
Member, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Diversity and Inclusion Council will be hosting a special event to inspire all women.  Reverend Dr. Zina Jacque, a member of the National Senior Campus’ Board of Directors, will speak on courageous and resilient women and share her own story.  She has spoken to our community before and is a powerful speaker full of encouragement.

Zina Jacque is the senior pastor at the Community Church of Barrington, Illinois. Dr. Jacque holds a doctorate of theology and a master of divinity degree from Boston University, an M.A. from Columbia University, and a B.A. from Northwestern University.  She has worked with multicultural, urban, and suburban churches and has done extensive work in the areas of education, counseling, and support programs.

This will be a time for women to uplift each other and form strong bonds of support.  After Dr. Jacque’s presentation we will discuss “what matters to your heart?” and have time to talk amongst ourselves to find ways to boost one another.

Please join us for this special presentation and discussion on Friday, March 16 at 11am in Maryland Hall.  All residents and staff  (women and men) are invited to come together to empower women in our community.

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