Earth Day 2018

By Ed Vilade
Member, Earth Day Planning Committee

The basic purpose of Earth Day has always been to honor our planet, and opportunities to do so will be abundant at Riderwood’s Earth Day festivities, scheduled from 1 to 4 pm on April 25 in Maryland Hall and the Chesapeake Room.

Attendees will also find more tangible reminders of Earth Day in the form of the popular jewelry and plant sales, and offerings of pottery and other items by exhibitors.

Those who want to responsibly discard unwanted or waste items will be able to dispose of unwanted electronics by bringing them to the Earth Day Exhibit area, where they can also learn techniques for composting and recycling.

Among the dozens of exhibits and presentations, there will be entertainment, informative movies and demonstrations and the Hat Parade, featuring conservation and recreation-themed and just plain outrageous hats, and musical entertainment.

Collection for the jewelry sale will take place between March 26 and April 6 at the following locations around Riderwood:

MONTGOMERY STATION — Jack Wachtman, CT111; Anne Blackburn, BG223; Harriet Tarver. HS202.

TOWN CENTER – Ruth Horlick, MG311; Ann Riley, GVT19; Penny O’Brien, FR102.

LAKESIDE COMMONS — Jane Cyphers, MS109; Silvia Trumbower, HG209; Jim Henkelman-Bahn, OP109.

VILLAGE SQUARE — Mildred Rust, PV104; Kathy Pasternak, WC115; Nancy Cowen, VPT01; Judith Higgs, CC322.

Jewelry will also be collected in Dining Room lobbies on April 5 from 4-6 pm.

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