Choosing Civility: Putting the principles into practice

By Bea Rodgers
Member, CommUNITY Living Committee

The CommUNITY Living Committee continues its work to promote the Twelve Principles of Considerate Conduct as we have moved into 2018.  While 2018 has presented us with some challenges here at Riderwood, both in terms of the winter weather and the G.I. outbreak, we have all had an opportunity to begin practicing some, if not all, of the principles.  Perhaps one of the most important principles is that of paying attention.  Notices of changes in schedules, renovation changes in Town Center, rapid swings in the weather — all of these have required taking time to be alert to notices and signs, to check on neighbors, and take care of oneself as the virus spread through our community.

It is also  a well-known fact that change can be anxiety producing.  It often requires not only paying attention but also being flexible during times of change and respecting the opinions of others. While some people may welcome and enjoy a change, others may view the very same change as a revolution or a threat to a comfortable way of living.  It is all in the eyes of the beholder.  But, regardless of our point of view, there will always be change in our lives and respecting the opinion of others is most helpful in such times.

Remembering to review the Twelve Principles from time to time can be very helpful as the year progresses, for there will surely be more changes in 2018. An optimistic outlook on what may appear in the future can help us to respond effectively as changes occur.

“If nothing ever changes, there’d be no butterflies”

–author unknown

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