Directives for Safety and Civility in PGCC Classes

By the Continuing Education Committee

To help residents taking PGCC classes to have a more rewarding experience and with the Choosing Civility initiative in mind, the Continuing Education Committee has developed the following set of directives:

1. Only residents who register and pay the SAGE fee for that term may attend a PGCC class. There are two types of registrants:  Enrollees who have signed up for a specific class and standbys who have not signed up for a specific class but have paid the trimester registration fee and may wish to attend. In some classes with sequential content like computers or foreign languages, a teacher may choose to exclude standbys.

2. Enrollees in a class have priority in seating for that class. Standbys are welcome to take empty seats for that session, with permission of the teacher.  Standby residents must line up at the door outside the class. At a signal from the teacher, they can be seated, first come, first served.

3. An enrollee may bump a seated standby only if the class has not yet started.

4. As a courtesy, all residents should be prompt, especially those requiring special seating.  Respect a Do NOT Disturb sign if posted on the door once the class has begun.  If the set-up staff is still prepping the classroom, everyone should wait outside.

5. Safety guidelines must be observed.  No one may stand or sit on tables, window ledges, or elsewhere.  No walkers, wheelchairs or scooters may block aisles or be left in the hallways.   As appropriate, designated open areas in each lecture style classroom will be reserved for residents in walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters.  Please comply with requests from teachers and class monitors.

6. A maximum class size or head count is limited by teachers’ preferences for content, classroom dimensions and safety guidelines.  Staff members set up each room to meet these limits. No extra chairs may be added. The total student head count in the room must not exceed the class limits set in the catalog.

7. Aides, family members or guests who escort residents to class may remain to assist residents in exercise or studio art classes as long as there is space for extra people in the room head count after enrollees and standbys are seated and the teacher agrees.

8. If guests occasionally wish to accompany residents to class, as a courtesy they should be introduced to the teacher. If the teacher agrees and if there is room in the class head count after enrollees and standbys are seated, then these guests may remain.

9. Cell phones should be OFF or turned to vibrate only during class.

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