Conversation with Administration – February 2018

By Mickey Thaxton,
Associate Executive Director

Please come and join the next “Conversation with Administration”

at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 15 in Lakeside Commons’ Encore Theater.                                

These monthly conversations provide an opportunity for residents to share concerns and receive feedback.

They also help Administration understand what we can do to improve service to residents.

Transcripts of questions and answers from the meeting may be rephrased for this column in the Reporter without changing the accuracy of the information presented.

The following reflects the highlights of Conversation with Administration conducted in December:


• We have received the results of the Resident Satisfaction Survey. Our goal is to review the data and determine our strengths and areas where we can improve. We will look for trends, develop a plan of action for 2018 and report our findings in the upcoming State of the Community address, to be held on February 21 at 2:00 p.m. in Maryland Hall. Look for more information to come.

• In updates with our Resident Life department, members of our Social Work team will have new titles. The new title is Resident Services Coordinator. Their role and responsibilities will be the same and the position will continue to require the same licensure.

• In updates with our General Services, we have put salt bins and scoops outside at each entrance to the buildings. Please feel free to use the salt on any problem areas you see. In our housekeeping updates, through our Wheels for the World charity drive, we donated an extensive number of wheelchairs, roll-a-tors, walkers, canes, and other durable medical equipment to those less fortunate. In our maintenance and engineering departments, we have received our first shipment of individual residential heat pumps, which will be installed to replace our older units. The coils in the new heat pumps are much more eco-friendly and will make our heating units much more efficient. In updates to our Transportation Department, we will be changing how we distribute the Special Trips calendar. In lieu of cubby stuffing the calendars, we will have them available at the front
desks for residents to pick up. This is also more eco-conscious and will reduce paper consumption. Our Security Department wants you to please have our security telephone number in your cell phone in case of an emergency. The number is 301-572-8391. This will facilitate security’s response to you wherever you are on campus.

• In updates from our Sales Department, we continue to have a strong year. We finished 2017 with 225 settlements. We will end the year with around 96% occupancy. We have 35 to 40 prospective residents who are in the process of reserving apartments. Thanks to all of our dedicated residents who are our best ambassadors.

• We will be implementing a new service called the White Glove program. We want to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to residents. Maintenance technicians will now wear booties when they enter your apartment. This will help protect your carpets. If they need to touch your walls and cabinets they will wear gloves. They will have tarps available to them in situations where larger areas must be protected. Now, when you call General Services, you will talk to a coordinator assigned to your community building. That staff member will be able to address any work order request — housekeeping, maintenance, plumbing, — or anything else. You will receive further information shortly including a magnet with the appropriate phone numbers to keep on your refrigerator.

Questions and comments by Residents:

1. If a truck is blocking my ability to move my car what can I do?
Please call security and we will have an officer find the driver to move the vehicle.

2. I would like to compliment security on the great job they do.
Thank you for your kind words.   

3. Can the outside campus signage be improved?
We will look into this suggestion. We are also looking at ways to effectively distribute maps to visitors.

4. When will the new mailboxes and cubbies be available in Town Center?
Our vendors are working on appropriate labels for the mailboxes and cubbies. Once they have correct labels on them, we will switch from the old boxes to the new ones. New keys will then be distributed for the mailboxes. Look for more information to come.   

5. Can you give us an update on the window washing?
We will start the window washing again in the spring.

6. I would like to thank dining for the additional delicious vegetarian entrées offered in the dining rooms.
Thank you for your kind words.

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