Sustainability Corner: Dining’s commitment to sustainability

By Elaine Wunderlich
Member, Riderwood Sustainability Committee

The Dining Subcommittee of the Riderwood Sustainability Committee decided to focus on Communications this year. We wanted to see if we could give you more information and get your feedback without using more paper. For about six weeks now, there has been a Google group that provides information on what Signature Dining Weekly Specials are being offered at each restaurant so that you don’t need to visit each restaurant to find out their weekly specials. The specials are also listed in MyErickson in the Dining Menus section. This e-mail is a temporary pilot program while we ensure the MyErickson app is available on mobile devices and register all interested residents. In the next several months, we will transition to MyErickson completely and will discontinue the regular e-mails.

The e-mail list also serves as a feedback tool. If you are willing to share the information, we are interested to know if you make your food choices based on it being plant based, earth friendly, healthy, or other reasons for your meal choices. Our committee is mainly focused on sustainable dining, but anyone can add his or her name to this list.

If you would like to have your name added to the e-mail list, please send your name, e-mail address and apartment number to Elaine Wunderlich, who’s contact information is available in the resident directory. If you would like a MyErickson account, please contact the Community Resources coordinator in your building to setup a time to complete the registration process and receive basic training on the service.

We are encouraging you to try the specials (especially the new items) and then give feedback to the dining managers. Dining’s goal is for no guest to leave a restaurant unsatisfied, so the best way to resolve immediate service concerns would be to speak directly with a restaurant manager. They often can fix a problem for you and for future customers.

The Dining Subcommittee on Sustainability also plans to have a program to explain other sustainability initiatives that the dining staff is doing, such as Portico Seafood and introduction of meat substitutes (TVP and Tempe), and a movement toward buying more items from local farmers.

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