Tapestry of Tales launches a Riderwood TV first

By Gene Martin
Member, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Ian Brown, Vice President of Organizational Development for Erickson Living, speaks at the Tapestry of Tales event on November 16 (Photo by Chris Taydus)

The Tapestry of Tales Program is an innovation for Riderwood TV. It is the first resident and staff collaboration to produce a series of TV shows on the stories of newcomers to the U.S. who now live or work here at Riderwood.

Future “Tales” in the tapestry will be based on interviews about who they are, how they came to the States, what they found most different or exciting here, and what they would like to tell Americans to help us understand their countries and cultures better. In today’s world of great differences between nations and peoples, these individual tales can help us see our common humanity in the rich diversity of individual experience.

Promotional videos for the November 16 kickoff event started airing on Riderwood TV in November featuring a variety of staff and residents including Associate Director of Sales and Marketing George Mishraky, who was born in Egypt before coming to the United States. Other commercials featured resident Claire Kim who was originally from South Korea, and Resident Life Manager Fiona Divecha who’s family immigrated from Pakistan when she was a child. The promotional videos were produced by Riderwood TV’s Robyn Hutson.

The series was launched with a kickoff event on November 16 which included a panel discussion featuring Ian Lee Brown. Ian came to the United States from Jamaica, West Indies, and is now vice-president for organizational development at Erickson Living with primary responsibilities in training, career and leadership development.

The panelists at the November program offered their reactions to Ian’s personal story and his comments on how Erickson Living seeks to encourage diversity and inclusion. Panelists included Carmen Rosa Maymi, George Mishraky, and Erika and Walter Rybeck. The program was moderated by Gene Martin.

Future interviews will be scheduled in every month from now to May. The Tapestry of Tales Planning Group is Claire Kim, Team Leader, Fiona Divecha, Brian Koen, Bette Martin, Andrea Nicolls, Jill Owens, and Amy Stewart.

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