From the Resident Advisory Council – December 2017

By Dick Dowd
Secretary & Resident Concern Liaison, RAC

My name is Dick Dowd. I am the secretary of the RAC and liaison to resident concerns. Today I would like to report to you about several items.

First, I’d like to discuss resident concerns. If you have an issue that you would like the administration to address, you can fill out a resident concern form and put in the RAC’s wooden box in each community building. The boxes and the forms can be found on the front desk, except in Lakeside Commons where they are by the mailboxes. It is my responsibility to gather resident concern forms each week and give a copy to the person on the RAC who is responsible for the issue or concern. For example, a question about maintenance would be given to the RAC liaison to General Services, an issue about food would be for the liaison to dining, and so forth.

I keep track of the status of concerns on a spreadsheet, which I send to all the RAC members regularly so we can keep abreast of the issues that residents have raised. It is important for each concern form to include your name and apartment number, so we can contact you when reviewing your concern and follow up with you when progress is made.

Second, I want to remind you that the RAC is preparing for the election of new RAC members this winter. These elections are important because the RAC provides the major interface between residents and the administration. The RAC has an impact on issues that affect life in our community. For example, the RAC was instrumental in helping to institute the change in the refundable deposit provision, moving it from 100% refundable to 90% refundable. This will have a positive effect on our finances in the years to come. We have also recommended items for the annual budget, including curb cuts, safety line painting on curbs and entrances, improved garden plots, and better pathways for walking. The RAC works to improve all our lives. To do this we need new members to consider joining us.

It is very important that we have enough candidates for the election to ensure a representative election. Last year we had ten candidates for five spots. We would like to have at least six or eight candidates this year for the four open slots.

Sometimes residents are concerned that their communities do not have representation on the RAC. We can only have representation from your community if there are candidates who will run. This year, for example, we have no members from Lakeside Commons. With planning just now getting underway for remodeling Lakeside Commons, it is important to have candidates from that community.

You received a notice in your cubby about nominating residents to stand for election to the RAC. Please fill out these forms and put them into the RAC wooden boxes. Additional forms are available at the front desks. Nominations for the RAC will be accepted until mid-December and the elections will be held in February. Be sure to look out for further information in the future.

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