Choosing Civility as normalcy

By David Williams,
Member, CommUNITY Living Committee

Normalcy suggests that we as residents at Riderwood Village want to live comfortably in environments that can be explained as reasons for selecting this community. There are pleasing, comfortable apartments in structurally sound, attractive buildings in a beautifully landscaped campus setting. Delicious meals are served by dedicated staff in beautifully decorated dining areas. We can exercise our brains in libraries located in each community or in stimulating college classes. We can exercise our bodies in a swimming pool; in fitness centers; outside in the Montgomery Station Arboretum on smooth walking paths or other safe areas on campus. We enjoy a wide range of resident-run group activities. Frequent entertainment opportunities, in the community or off campus, are common. The net effect is that we have many opportunities to meet, greet and interact with other residents, staff and visitors. Let’s make these encounters positive.

Positive interactions help us to live comfortably while negative ones make us unhappy. Since the goal is harmonious living we must learn how to live well with others. Human interactions require at least two people and it begins with each of us. Consider greeting another in a friendly manner. If you can say “Hello” or “Good morning” to the next person you meet I am certain you will get a positive response. Now, there are two happy people. This simple example incorporates at least five of the 12 Principles of Considerate Conduct. Do you know which ones?

“What is civility if not a constant awareness that no human encounter is without consequence? What is it if not sharing with intention the best that is in us? Sharing it again and again, adding brightness to the day.”
~P.M. Forni

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