Planning the future: A Long Range Planning update

By Mickey Thaxton
Associate Executive Director

Town Center is the opening project in what promises to be a very busy 2018-2019.  The intent of all of this change is to ensure Riderwood meets the needs of current residents, is attractive to future residents, and remains a vibrant, dynamic community that is able to fulfill its vision to “help people live better lives [and strive] to be the most valued and trusted leader in senior housing and services through operational excellence, integrated senior health and wellness, and a commitment to the Erickson Living culture and values.”

Riderwood is now four months into the first major reconfiguration of a community building since 2012-2013 when Village Square was renovated and the Potomac Café redesigned. The work currently underway in Town Center is part of the community’s long range plan to maintain its facilities, provide the amenities current and future residents are looking for, and ensure Riderwood remains an attractive and desirable place to live.  Here’s a quick look at the projects planned for 2017-2019:

Riderwood Reporter November 2017 FINAL-5

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