Keeping civility alive

By Levern Allen
Co-Chair, CommUNITY Living Committee

What do you like about yourself?  Are you respectful? Responsible? Do you practice restraint or do you “shoot from the hip?”  When living in a community such as Riderwood Village, harmonious living should be the goal for all. A lack of it causes stress and other discomforts.  The 12 Principles of Considered Conduct as put forth by the CommUNITY Living Committee and further examined during the recent round table discussion might help you through your dilemma.

The table discussing the principle of Respect Other People’s Space learned some people are fearful of pets and others are allergic. Therefore, a pet owner should be in control of his or her pet and be guided by the rules in the Resident Guidebook at all times. You will be appreciated for doing so and the resident will be happy.

Another comment spoke to loud talking in public space.  If someone is talking too loudly in the living room, politely ask them to lower their voice.

Professor Daniel Buccino, Director of the Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore who spoke to us recently said, “Civility is about you making others feel good.”  We should, “think first of other’s comfort and convenience.”

The Hopkins Initiative has developed several ways of conveying the civility message.  Over time the CommUNITY Living Committee will share the Riderwood adaptations of some of these messages.  We will continue to examine the 12 Principles and develop a sustaining program for our community.  Hop on board to help keep civility alive at Riderwood.

“Find possibilities, not problems.  Be willing to work together to solve a problem.”

A Johns Hopkins Civility and Respect Behavior


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