From the Resident Advisory Council – November 2017

By Bob Boger
Chair, Resident Advisory Council

I am approaching the end of my four years as a RAC member next spring.  So as that time approaches I can reflect on what it has meant to me, and I can try to inspire you to consider becoming a RAC member so that you have an opportunity to share similar experiences.

I have certainly been treated to an education on what it takes to create and sustain a comfortable, safe, and lively community for 2500 residents with the assistance of 1400 staff. But what will stick with me the most is the pleasure of working with the residents and staff who are interested and concerned with making this all happen. My fellow RAC members have always been willing to look into issues that arise without personal agendas affecting their effort.  They have worked hard to find out what is important to the residents and staff.  When these views were not aligned, they have tried to find a mutually satisfactory solution.  I am amazed at what talent and wisdom we have in our midst.

As a RAC member I have been able to talk directly with our Executive Director, the Associate Executive Directors, and heads of the various departments. They have always listened to issues RAC raises, and they have used us as a sounding board for possible plans and projects. This cooperative attitude is a key part of the relationship between the RAC and Riderwood Administration.  Because Riderwood is an important piece of the Erickson enterprise, we see an ever-changing cast in the various management positions, and though we sometimes hate to see someone leave for a position in a sister community, we are pleased that we have gotten to know them and perhaps even had an impact on their career development.

So, I urge you to consider having this same experience as I have been fortunate to have and consider running for a position on the Resident Advisory Council.


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