D&I unveils Tapestry of Tales program

By Bette Martin
Member, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Why are we so intrigued by other people’s stories? The group planning the Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s new program, A Tapestry of Tales, answered that question powerfully. If I know your story, I know what shaped your life. If I know your story, I see you as the unique person you are. Stories from immigrants to the U.S. help us understand each other better and, perhaps, learn something about ourselves. They also demonstrate the richness and diversity of our community and of the rest of the country as well.

The Tapestry project kicks off with a program featuring Ian Lee Brown, Vice President for Organizational Development at Erickson Living. Mr. Brown is co-chair of the Erickson Diversity and Inclusion Committee with our own Gary Hibbs and was a guest speaker during the D&I Film Festival in April. As an immigrant from Jamaica, Mr. Brown will tell his story and report on how Erickson Living encourages and nurtures diversity and inclusion at the corporate level and in all its communities. A panel of several Riderwood residents and staff will follow.

Each month, from December to May, the Tapestry program will feature one or two community members who are immigrants from all corners of the globe. Some were brought here as children; others chose to be here. You will also be able to hear their stories on Riderwood TV or read about them in the Riderwood Reporter.

Please join us at the first Tapestry of Tales program on November 16th at 2:00 p.m. in the Encore theatre.


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