Conversation with Administration – November 2017

ExecTeam_FullSizeBy Mickey Thaxton, Associate Executive Director

Please come and join the next “Conversation with Administration” at
2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 15, in Montgomery Station’s Maryland Hall.

These monthly conversations provide an opportunity for residents to share concerns and receive feedback. They also help Administration  understand what we can do to improve customer service. Questions and answers may be altered for this column without changing the accuracy of the information presented.  

The following reflects the highlights of the meeting conducted in September:


  • Riderwood and Erickson Living have partnered with the transportation service Lyft to provide an alternative transportation service for our residents. Residents can download the app on their smart phone or call transportation for help with arranging a ride. There is an additional $3 fee for using Riderwood as your dispatcher but there is no additional fee if you use the Lyft app from your own smartphone.
  • In updates with our Dining Services department we are working on our new menus. Major menu revisions are completed on a quarterly basis with voice of the customer meetings conducted in each restaurant prior to a major revision to ensure that we build a customer focused menu based largely on feedback from residents.
  • In updates to the Town Center renovations the project is on schedule and we are making great progress. We expect the project to continue to about mid-June 2018. The renovation involves the community areas. The safety partition is up and we have installed viewing windows. The reconfigured entrance to Town Center is underway, work on the back patio will be complete in November, and the framing in the area that will be the Sales Office area is going up. We will continue to give periodic updates on the project as it continues. Please look for more information to come.
  • In updates with our General Services we have done some noise abatement measures in and around the Chapel HVAC room where the compressor is housed and that has alleviated some of the disruptive noise in the Chapel. Window washing has started and will continue throughout November. The exterior hand railings at the stairs have been completed. If you see any areas that need attention, please let us know. Our grounds department is now in hard landscaping mode and concrete is being repaired.

Questions and comments by residents:


  1. On behalf of the Low Vision Support Group I would like to thank the Community Resources Department for making the monthly calendar more accessible for residents with low vision by increasing the font and making it much more readable.

Thank you for these kind words. If you would like a copy of the large print calendar, please let your community resources coordinator know and they will provide you with one.


  1. Can butter be available at the tables?

Yes. We will make sure butter is available at the tables.


  1. Can you give us updates on the Calvert Landing elevator?

The Calvert Landing elevator has been budgeted.  Core sampling of the site was accomplished in September and plans currently have construction beginning in May 2018; however, as with any construction project, that date may move.  We are looking at a variety of options such as a two-story elevator to help alleviate the heaviest traffic. It will also be positioned at the link as you enter Calvert Landing from the Chapel.


  1. Will Lyft drivers be able to locate a resident once they get on campus?

Lyft representatives mapped the campus at the end of September and have established 15 pickup locations that are being incorporated into their national database which should make it easier for their drivers to navigate our campus. As the service gets used more, the drivers’ ability to locate passengers will be improved. We are also looking at erecting signs in key pickup locations that will help both residents and drivers connect with one another.


  1. Can you remind residents that we live in a community and civility goes a long way to make everyone’s lives better?

Yes. Thank you for your comment.



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