From the Resident Director’s Desk

By Pat Davis
Resident Director

The Operations and Risk Management Committee is another of National Senior Campuses’ seven advisory committees. Riderwood board members Stephanie Reel and Eileen Erstad serve on the committee, with Eileen as its chair. This group is charged with oversight of the work of Erickson Living Management and of the multiple campuses it manages for National Senior Campuses.

The committee’s primary focus in addition to risk management and compliance is the Resident Satisfaction Survey, business continuity, as well as enterprise best practices. Their work affords protection to both residents and staff.

As you might expect, service on the “Ops and Risk Management Committee” requires special knowledge and practical experience in a number of fields, such as law, accounting, insurance, information technology, and healthcare.

When our board receives regular reports from this committee, we hear about such things as HIPAA and Medicare compliance, employee training and retention, healthcare staff credentialing and accreditation, cybersecurity, and the like. As you might expect there is a focus on healthcare including the extended care facilities and ancillary services, as well as information services and disaster recovery/business continuity.

The above may sound rather dry and uninteresting, but if you care about the security of your surroundings, the competence and licensing of the people who provide care to you, the protection of your personal information, the driving record of your bus operator, the financial stability of this community, and other such matters, you owe a debt of gratitude to the behind-the-scenes hard work of NSC’s Operations and Risk Management Committee members.

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