From the Resident Advisory Council

By Carolyn Compton
RAC Resident Life Liaison

In 2017, we are initiating a campus wide project called “Choosing Civility” for the benefit of everyone on our campus. Our Executive Director, Gary Hibbs, prompted this project and he and Levern Allen are co-chairs in encouraging the forward progress.

In this time of incivility throughout our country, I cannot think of anything more important than showing kindness and tolerance to every human being with whom we come in contact. P.M.Forni wrote the book, “Choosing Civility: The 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct” and our Riderwood CommUNITY Living Committee chose 12 of the principles on which we will focus.

On September 25, we inaugurated the Civility Project with a round table program in Maryland Hall, with each table concentrating on one of the 12 chosen principles. Daniel Buccino, director of the Johns Hopkins Civility Project, will speak to Riderwood residents on October 10 at 10 a.m. in Encore Theater to further help us comprehend the depth of the 12 chosen principles of civility. Everyone is invited, so please plan to attend this important event sponsored by the CommUNITY Living Committee.

The Civility Project is being advertised through many venues on Riderwood’s campus, but I am so convinced that individual responsibility is necessary to achieve civility that I am compelled to discuss it in the RAC’s monthly column. People have said to me, “We are civil. Why do we need to spend time on this subject?”

But are we really? Do we always make sure we “listen” to those who speak to us? Do we always “pay attention” to their comments so that we honor their humanity? Do we “respect others’ opinions” when they disagree with ours? These seemingly simple actions, which we often take for granted, are the foundation of true civility and our world could be a kinder, gentler place if only we practiced these principles.

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