Daniel L. Buccino to speak at Riderwood

By Bea Rodgers
CommUNITY Living Committee Member

The CommUNITY Living Committee’s premier program that has been building over the past few months is here! Are you ready? Are you planning to attend? The program is scheduled for Tuesday, October 10 from 10:00 a.m. to noon in Lakeside Commons Encore Theater. The keynote speaker will be Daniel Buccino, the clinical manager for Johns Hopkins Broadway Center for Addictions.

He’s also an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Along with P.M Forni, Mr. Buccino was a founding member of the Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative in 1998 and has been its director since 2014.

The committee’s activities over the past few months have been leading our campus up to this presentation: messages throughout the various lobbies, Choosing Civility book sales, distribution of the 12 principles of civility chosen for our focus the first year, and the recently held roundtable discussion of the principles. These all have been directed to pique the interest of residents for this presentation.

As we travel down this road of community living, there are many contributions we can all make here at Riderwood to foster friendliness and civility. We encourage you to join us on October 10 to hear Mr. Buccino’s presentation and join in a dialogue, which might enhance understanding and application of the highlighted principles. Be a part of this movement. YOU are essential in determining the future of the Riderwood community.

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