Benevolent Care Fund Campaign – Thank you!

By Fiona Divecha
Resident Life & Philanthropy Manager

Community, spirit, and kindness shined bright this summer during our annual campaign to raise funds for the Benevolent Care Fund. We heard from so many residents who were concerned about their neighbor’s well-being. They wanted to ensure that we were able to take care of those in need.

On behalf of the six residents in need of benevolent care assistance, I thank you for supporting them with your gift. Over 67 percent of the community gave. Year-to-date, we have raised a little over $390,000 and hope to get more donations by the end of the year. We expect to need $605,000 for care in 2017.

The Benevolent Care Fund helps Riderwood residents who have exhausted their financial resources including their entrance deposit. It supplements any monthly income a resident may have to ensure that their home and care is provided.

The campaign culminated with a wonderful gala attended by 240 guests who enjoyed a raw bar, five-course dinner, and dancing to a swing band. At the event, Gary Hibbs, our Executive Director, spoke about our interdependence with each other while living together in this community. It is heartwarming to know that this community cares for our own and that we have the ability to come together and support each other!

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