Town Center Renovations

By Jill E. Owens
Customer Service and Communications Manager

Town Center renovations are now well underway! The safety partition is up and demolition has begun! A rendering has been placed in the lobby showing the changes to come. The new back patio is coming along well and the fire pit is now in place. Furniture samples, paint chips, and materials will be placed in the front lobby for residents to feel, experience, and comment on the future accoutrements.

As you may know, all construction projects have many moving parts. In an effort to keep the project moving along smoothly, please keep the following in mind:

~ Please do not knock on the construction doors. We will continue to give updates on MyErickson, through posters and quarterly town halls. The goal of the contractors is to work hard, focus, and move the project along so that you may enjoy your new space as soon as possible.

~ Safety is the number one focus. While it is very tempting to sneak a peek when the doors open, we ask that you do not crowd the construction entry-way. The construction crew is often moving or using heavy equipment.

~ Please use the comment cards placed by the rendering. We welcome all comments and will address them promptly. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

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