Quilting and Comradeship

By Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

Photo by Steve Mayer

The Riderwood Quilt Club that meets every Monday at 10 a.m. in the Town Center Craft Room has been led by Levern Allen since its inception 13 years ago. Levern emphasizes that there are “no rules and no dues.” Four original members remain in the group (Levern Allen, Yvonne Grasty, Becky Hedin, and Mary Starnes.

The Disappearing Nine Patch, a quilting pattern, is the current project that is led by Phyllis Holt. This technique allows for cutting and rearranging the block. “Many hands make light work” and this quilt will likely become a raffle item.

The group encourages and supports each other with personal projects. This can involve helping with the layout of a pattern or simply basting to keep the layers in place while quilting.

The group has created quilts for Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Hospital, and a raffle quilt to benefit Green Kids (an Earth Day project). They have also created 80 place mats given to Colesville Meals on Wheels clients. The quilters made Trees of Riderwood, a quilt that hangs near Encore Theater and the Seasons quilt that hangs outside of Seasons Restaurant. The club has a well -stocked closet of donated supplies and one member made 10 quilts for the Colesville Baby Closet from these materials.

Experienced and new quilters talk about current projects as they share ideas of how to solve problems. There is a collection of books and magazines to inspire new projects. Many of the women are active in other Riderwood activities and there is a lot of sharing, laughter, and comradeship.

“This is where I find all my Riderwood information,” said Suzanne Sellars, a new resident from Hood River, OR. The club has no men attending, but welcomes anyone interested in quilting. Questions may be directed to Levern Allen at 301-586-8181 or lhalle5@gmail.com.


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