How the Benevolent Care Fund works

By Fiona Divecha
Resident Life & Philanthropy Manager

The Benevolent Care Fund (BCF) assists your friends and neighbors who have exhausted all of their financial assets, including their entrance deposit. When they are not able to cover their needs and expenses with their monthly income, the Riderwood Benevolent Care Fund helps them stay in our community.

When a resident has depleted their personal assets, they work with our administration and finance teams to create a plan for using their entrance deposit to help cover their financial needs. Once they have used their entrance deposit for their needs, residents who live in Independent or Assisted Living may apply for the Benevolent Care Fund. These residents have faced terrible hardship and are vetted by our administration for the proper use of their assets.

As of June, we have six residents who are being assisted with funds from BCF. Here are some important statistics you should know:


The Benevolent Care Fund has been able to help all residents who have needed assistance and it is important for the future well-being of everyone who calls Riderwood home.  BCF’s financial strength is possible through the kindness and generosity of residents, staff, community business partners, resident groups, and family.

For more information on helping the Benevolent Care Fund, please contact Fiona Divecha at 301-572-8396 or stop by the philanthropy office in Village Square.


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