Greetings from Administration – August 2017

By Gary Hibbs
Executive Director

 This summer sure has been an active one for my family! Some of you have asked about how I fared as the “Father of the Bride” in June.  Well, it was quite a memorable day, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the husband that our new son, Jordan, is to our daughter, Garlyn. I’m also thankful that I didn’t faint walking her down the aisle, as you see my daughter holding me up as we walk!  Thank you for all of your well wishes.

Gary walks daughter, Garlyn, down the aisle on Sunday, June 11, to wed her long-time boyfriend, Jordan, in their outdoor ceremony. She is the third of Gary’s four children. For more details, visit and view Gary’s June Community Update.

A year ago in this column, I said, “Whether it’s family or anything else in life, change is always occurring, whether we like it or not. In fact, Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is famously quoted as saying, ‘Change is the only constant in life.’”  Guess what?  This hasn’t changed!

This past month started to visibly move forward with the work on Town Center, and our sales and human resources departments moving out to the temporary offices located near the tennis courts.  We expect that this Town Center work will take about a year to complete.  Our communications committee, headed by Associate Executive Director Mickey Thaxton, includes Resident Advisory Council (RAC) Vice-Chair Bette Martin and RAC member Tom Kelley.

We are committed to providing timely and complete information in many venues, including this publication. Will there be a disruption? Absolutely. Will it be worth it?  We are just as confident that it will be well worth it. Stay tuned and keep the questions coming as you have them!  And, be sure to read your Riderwood Reporter as one venue where you can stay informed, whether it is in regard to this issue or so many others that are also going on in our active community. See you around Riderwood!


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