From the Resident Advisory Council – August 2017

By Tom Kelley
RAC Sales & HR Liaison

Nearly a year ago, I was asked to consider the possibility to be a candidate for the Resident Advisory Council. In the ensuing months, I gave it lots of consideration and thought. A major factor in my decision to be a candidate was that I wanted to represent ALL the residents of Riderwood Village in this forum.

Upon my election, I learned very quickly that there are many issues to be discussed and researched on behalf of the residents before being presented to Administration. Likewise, I have found the relationship with Administration to be trusting and sincere. They, too, seek our counsel and input on matters regarding life here at Riderwood.

There was also another reason I decided to seek a position on the RAC. As most of you know, I am a resident of the Town Center neighborhood. For the past couple of years, there has been lots of discussion about the impending Town Center renovation project. I had a strong desire for this neighborhood to be represented in the process. With my election, I am now able to represent my neighborhood. I hope to be able to answer my neighbors’ questions or find persons who can give us answers as this project gets underway and progresses to completion.

As I look at this undertaking, I see that I, along with my neighbors, will be impacted by some inconveniences as these renovations are taking place. I ask myself and my neighbors to not look at the present, but at the finished product with all of its new conveniences and improvements. We will survive the present and enjoy the future together. See you around the campus!



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