Conversation with Administration

By Wendy Ferris
Associate Executive Director

Please come and join the next “Conversation with Administration” at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 17 in the Lakeside Commons Encore Theater. These monthly conversations provide an opportunity for residents to share concerns and receive feedback. They also help Administration understand what we can do to improve customer service. Questions and answers may be altered for this column without changing the accuracy of the information presented. The following reflects the highlights of the meeting conducted in June


• In updates with our General Services department, we would like to welcome back Heather Hicks-Mello. We would also like to introduce Jill Owens. Jill will be the new Customer Service and Communications Manager. She brings with her vast experience in the hotel and hospitality industry as well as from the real estate development industry. In our Engineering department, we are working on some HVAC units and cooling tower. In our Transportation department updates, we would like to remind everyone that safety is our highest priority and we ask for everyone’s patience as we deliver our services around campus.

• In updates to the Town Center renovations, we will be starting in mid-June 2017 and will extend to about mid-June 2018. The renovation will involve the community areas. Phase I will start mid-June and should go until the end of this year. This phase will affect the courtyard side of the building, including the Pub. Phase II will involve the front half of the building to include the Seasons Restaurant and the lobby area. In updates to our Temporary Mobile Offices (TMOs), installations have begun in the tennis courts area. The TMOs will house our Sales office and our Human Resources office. We are expecting to start moving our Sales and Marketing office and our Human Resources office by midJuly. Please look for more information to come.

• In updates with our Dining Services department, we are working on our next menu revision. We expect to change thirty percent of the menu. This will ensure that there will be variety and freshness to the offerings and at the same time keep the favorites. We will offer the Voice of the Customer focus groups again. In honor of the summer, we will be emphasizing seasonal items on the menus. We are working with our produce providers to make sure we have the freshest and best ingredients to work with. We look forward to an exciting new menu.

• In our updates in Arbor Ridge, we would like to introduce Chaz Morris, our new Operations Associate at Arbor Ridge. When you see Chaz, please say hello. We would also like to thank all of our Family Council members who do a great job. We would like to encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about Arbor Ridge to please plan to attend. Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Garden Room. We hope to see you there.

• In our Sales updates we had a very successful month. Our occupancy is at 96.2%, up from 95.8% as of the end of May. We will be moving shortly to the TMOs near the tennis courts so when you get a chance come visit us in our new offices.

• Riderwood will be hosting the Learning Center at Erickson, which is part of Erickson Living University. Employees who are new leaders at Erickson will be on campus to take part in this program. They will be learning about Erickson and their new role in the company.

Questions and comments by residents:

1. Are the microphones sanitized?
Yes. After every event, the microphones are sanitized.

2. Will we be getting LED lights in apartments?
Yes. We have completed transitioning to LED lighting in the common areas and we will be starting to convert to LED lighting in apartments.

3. Are there any plans to be able to have caller ID available originating from Riderwood?
We can look into this suggestion.

4. I would like to thank the staff who take such good care of Riderwood.
Thank you for your kind words.

5. Are the rugs on campus cleaned regularly?
Yes. We spend over 120 hours each week on rug cleaning which includes vacuuming, and washing. We do have issues with humidity and moisture that makes stains reappear in various areas and we are working with engineering to address the humidity issue.

6. If I see an interior handrail that needs repair, who should I report this to?
Please let our general services office know of any damaged areas and we will make sure they are repaired.

7. Do we donate the replaced bulbs?
Yes. We donate any excess inventory that we no longer need to places like Habitat for Humanity and other local charities.

8. Can you give people a reminder not to litter in the hallways as well as anywhere on the campus?
Yes. Please be good stewards of our campus.


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