All aboard the Orient Express!

By Beth Gordon
BCF Gala Committee Member

On Saturday evening, September 16, this luxury train (a facsimile thereof) will leave Paris (e.g. Maryland Hall) for Istanbul at 6 p.m. and you will want to be aboard.

The famous Orient Express, noted for elegance and intrigue, is the theme of this year’s Gala to benefit our Benevolent Care Fund. Those fortunate to get a seat will savor gourmet dining, superb service, and musical events as the train travels vicariously from Paris through Vienna to Munich and Istanbul.

Tickets for the actual Orient Express, which makes this trip each year in August, start at over $7,000 per person. But seats for our Riderwood trip are only $150 each, with half of that amount being a tax-deductible contribution to our Benevolent Care Fund. Gala invitations were delivered to cubbies in mid-July. If yours has been mislaid, extra invitations are at the front desk or you can contact Philanthropy at 301-572-8394.

Our Benevolent Care Fund (BCF) is the ultimate expression of neighbors caring for neighbors. Through the Gala, memorial and legacy gifts, and other fundraising events, our goal is to strengthen the BCF so it will always be there to help residents who have wisely managed their finances but, through no fault of their own, do not have enough income to meet their daily needs.

Needs have greatly increased, and we expect to spend close to $605,000 this year on resident care needs.

We hope you’ll be on board for the Gala, but if not, please send a donation for the BCF. It will be wonderful if all households contribute. Any donation to the BCF, regardless of size, is welcome, and 100% goes to help our neighbors. Unlike other charities, nothing is creamed off for administrative expenses.

If you have any questions, please call Philanthropy Manager Fiona Divecha at 301-572- 8396. All aboard!

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