2016 Riderwood Tennis Tournament Team. From left: Susan Rogers, Gordon Hawkins, Charles Slaugh, Norma Slaugh and Joel Sarnoff

by Charles Slaugh
Tennis Club President

N-E-1-4-10-is? This was the little word puzzle that the late Stan Diamond used to attract attention to the Riderwood Tennis Club. Stan was the primary proponent and spokesman for the construction of the tennis courts at Riderwood, which opened in July of 2003. The courts are made of a hard rubber material called Sport Court ®.

Tennis was popular with early Riderwood residents and the club membership of 26 in 2003 grew to over 60 members in just a few years. There were so many tennis players at Riderwood that folks often had to wait their turn to get a court. Some of the presidents of the Tennis Club have included Stan Diamond, Joe Sumner, Jim Kennedy, Pat Bursley, and Charles Slaugh.

Former tennis player and club president Joe Sumner recalls, “Sometimes you had to wait more than an hour to get a court. Now things have changed; there are many former tennis players at Riderwood.”

Each year Riderwood hosts a tennis tournament and invites other Erickson communities to participate. The contest is held in in the Fall and pits Riderwood against players from Charlestown, Ashby Ponds, and Green Spring. This year marks the 12th annual tournament.

The Tennis Club has decreased in number in recent years. We have a good number of players still residing at RWV but too many bad knees, hips, and brittle bones have retired many of our past members.

I’m sure there are a number of newer residents who can play tennis and an invitation is extended to all to join us as we play Round Robin games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings beginning at 8:30 a.m.

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