Resident’s photography recognized overseas

Speak Out Against the Madness by Ruth Horlick

by Martha Robinson
Resident Writer

Ruth Horlick’s photographs were among the featured works of ten artists in an exhibition sponsored by Prague’s Gallery of Art Critics that ran from mid-April to May 11.

Most of Ruth’s photographs are of graffiti or posters, representing in color and style their countries of origin. She calls them “Contemporary Temporaries.” Their images, many reflecting an element of mystery, fill two published art books. “Rather than searching for street art that makes obvious statements,” she photographs “to surprise and at times amuse the viewer.”

The invitation to ship her photographs to Eastern Europe was an unexpected honor and recognition. “At my age,” she says, “I’ll take it.” She and her husband, Max, are aiming for 100-year birthdays. After 14 years at Riderwood, they are widely regarded as role models for living long and full lives. He is a writer and an internationally recognized authority on Social Security and Medicare. “Creativity keeps you young,” they say.

Seeing Life (1987) by Ruth Horlick

The Prague exhibit was organized by Jenufa Kent, a colleague of Ruth’s in the formerly active International Artists Support Group. “Jenufa was a co-exhibitor exploring the theme Transcendence,” said Ruth. The show was described in terms of personal, social, and political ideas and events expressed through paintings, digital media, graphic designs, collage, and photography.

“Jenufa came to my home and selected the photographs for Prague,” she said. “We could not ship them in frames with glass so she removed the photos and packed them in a suitcase. The pieces were reframed in Prague and hung for the exhibit.”

Lightness of Being (1988) by Ruth Horlick

Preparing for the exhibit was an “interesting” experience unlike most shows. According to Ruth, each of the four photographs to be shown required detailed documentation on forms authenticating their existence and she had to sign an agreement granting the gallery the rights to display but not sell each piece.

Ruth’s interest in photography began during her youth in Europe. She has studied, practiced, and exhibited extensively in group and solo shows in China, Egypt, India, and Russia. With Max, she has traveled worldwide, coming home with photo studies of nature, architecture, and abstractions.

Cosmos (1993) by Ruth Horlick

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