Meet Hasker Samuel – A great role model

Hasker Samuel-1a.jpgby Sandi Waibel
Race Relations Facilitator & AAHC member

Born and raised in a segregated suburb of Winston Salem, NC, Hasker says, “I was fortunate to grow up there. We had our own schools, libraries, and bus service. Jobs were plentiful and neighbors became extended family.”

Both his parents worked full time in the tobacco factory. For years his mother was PTA President, and his father the director of the church choir. His parents emphasized work ethics, responsibility, respect for others, and family.

Spencer, his first grade best friend and mentor, and Spencer’s mother (a teacher), taught Hasker the value of education, and helped motivate him to achieve. He had other great mentors in life that also encouraged him to learn new things. Hampton Institute (now a university) recognized Hasker’s many talents and awarded him an academic scholarship. He majored in music education and met Sylvia Pinkney, whom he later married.

In 1957, Hasker became an Army Transportation Corps Officer and served in Labrador, Greenland, Germany, and Vietnam. The couple raised two sons during his ten year service. Captain Samuel left the army and went to work in Human Resources for the US Government. He retired in1989.

Hasker, Sylvia and Sylvia’s mother (Bernidene) moved to Riderwood in 2013 and immediately joined the African American History Club. They, along with Rev. Bell (Pastoral Ministries), orchestrated two special worship services and tributes to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His Men’s Chorus, from his home church, performed at the MLK services. Hasker is active at Northeastern Presbyterian Church in Washington where he is an ordained Elder, president of the Chancel Choir, and the Men’s Council.

Hasker’s philosophy: “Regardless of circumstances, use whatever talents you have to serve and help others.” He focuses on a positive view and though he’s achieved many things, being a good father, husband, and role model are his most significant accomplishments. A great man to get to know.


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