Keeping it in the family

by Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

Marie Dixon and her parents, Rich and Kathy, in the Lakeside Commons Courtyard. (Photo by Robyn Hutson)

2009 was an adventuresome year for Marie Loughlin Dixon, an occupational therapist. She bought her first house, whitewater rafted the Grand Canyon, and made the transition to a position with the award-winning Riderwood rehabilitation team.

When she saw how the residents and community thrived, Marie wondered if her parents might follow through on their idea to live at Riderwood one day. After 40 years in Columbia, MD, Rich and Kathy Loughlin moved to Forest Crossing in February.

While growing up, Marie, her sister, and parents had dinner table conversations about their parents’ work. Kathy was an Early Childhood Special Educator for Howard County and this sparked Marie’s interest. She met and shadowed school therapists and chose to study occupational therapy since it is about “daily living.”

Rich, formerly an economist with the US Department of Transportation, volunteers with The Lazarus Foundation where donated computers are refurbished and given to students and disabled veterans. He has a garden plot here at Riderwood and looks forward to enjoying woodworking, pickleball, and bocce. Kathy is a Treasure Chest volunteer and reads, gardens, and may return to sewing and jewelry making.

Marie and her sister, Melissa, with their husbands have helped their parents move and thanked them for making the decision to live at Riderwood. Marie and husband Mike have a Maltese Poodle named Toby. The dog “loves receiving affection” and was given this in abundance when he previously visited Arbor Ridge. They continue to work together, as when Mike cultivated Rich’s garden and Marie stayed overnight and breakfasted on French toast during the February “snow scare.”


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