From the Resident Director’s Desk – July 2017

by Michelle Bohreer
National Senior Campuses, Inc. Governance and Internal Affairs Committee

Michelle Bohreer, Chair of NSC’s Government and Internal Affairs Committee, is the guest author for this month. – Pat Davis, Resident Director

The Governance and Internal Affairs Committee (GIA) has duties related to the “internal” workings of NSC. GIA monitors each director’s time and activities associated with board service, provides guidance and oversight for NSC’s administrator, oversees annual non-disclosure and conflict of interest compliance, and provides Continuing Education webinars (often working with our management liaisons on important issues impacting our communities). The committee also develops and distributes resident communication pieces, such as the “Meet the Board” brochures and the Governance section of each community’s Annual Report.

One of GIA’s chartered purposes is to establish, maintain and monitor policies that embrace best practices in governing CCRCs. GIA established continuing education policies, which ensure that each of your directors understands his or her fiduciary duty, but as important understands the CCRC industry and the trends impacting seniors now and in the near term. Another critical component of GIA’s work included proposal of new mission and vision statements that set the current and future direction of our organization, which were adopted in March 2017 and are posted on the NSC website.

For 2017, GIA will continue focusing its efforts on maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the NSC Board and each community’s board. In addition, GIA will be working on a roll out of a new NSC website, implementing more robust policies and detailed job descriptions across our enterprise, and making sure each director serves to his or her greatest ability for the benefit our NSC and its supported communities.


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