Conversation with Administration – July 2017

by Wendy Ferris
Associate Executive Director

Please come and join the next “Conversation with Administration” at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 19, in Montgomery Station’s Maryland Hall.

These monthly conversations provide an opportunity for residents to share concerns and receive feedback. They also help Administration understand what we can do to improve customer service.  Questions and answers may be altered or rephrased for this column without changing the accuracy of the information presented.

The following reflects the highlights of Conversation with Administration conducted in May.


  • In our Sales updates, we had a very successful month. We are expecting anywhere from 15 to 20 reservations in May and we will end with about 22 settlements. To date, we have 86 settlements, and our occupancy is at 96.0% as of the end of April. We have 52 available apartments.
  • In our Resident Life department we would like to welcome two new Fitness Coordinators. Trisha Walsh will be working in the Village Square fitness center and Chris Hynson will be working in Montgomery Station.
  • Our Dining Services department is now offering more variety in our vegetarian choices. We took residents’ feedback requesting healthier vegetarian meals. We have been offering soy based tempeh as an additional protein option and so far the feedback has been positive. We will continue to monitor the feedback and may put it on the permanent menu. We are also rolling out an improved carry-out service.
  • In updates to the Town Center renovations we will be starting in mid-July 2017. Phase I will start mid-July and should go until the end of this year. This phase will affect the courtyard side of the building, including the Pub. Phase II will involve the front half of the building to include the Seasons Restaurant and the lobby area. The Temporary Mobile Offices (TMOs) were installed at the end of June in the tennis court area and will house our Sales office and our Human Resources office. Please look for more information to come.
  • In updates with our General Services department, we completed treatment on appropriate trees on campus that have been adversely affected by the Emerald Ash Bore. In our Engineering department, we are working on some HVAC units and cooling tower. In our Transportation department updates we would like to remind everyone that safety is our highest priority and we ask for everyone’s patience as we deliver our services around campus. Visitor badges will be made available soon.

Questions and comments by residents:

1. Can the outside railings along sidewalks and steps be repainted?

Railings were repainted at the end of June.

2. Can you give me an update on the new Calvert Landing elevator project?

The decision has been made to install another elevator in Calvert Landing. We are working on the next steps of where the best placement will be for the new elevator. Please look for more information to follow.

3. Will we be phasing out the keys for the exterior doors?

Yes. The badge entry system is a much more secure system and we will be phasing out the key system.

4. Is there a place I can store my bicycle?

We have a bicycle storage room in the terrace level of Garden View. If you are interested in storing your bicycle there please let security know and we will help you to make the arrangements.

5. When are dead trees removed from campus?

We identify, tag, and remove trees periodically.

6. How can residents have additional input into the upcoming renovations at Town Center and the new Wellness Center?

We have Design Input Groups (DIG) already established for the two mentioned projects. These resident/staff groups meet on a regular basis to discuss the continuing projects. If you would like to make suggestions or provide feedback, please come to the Administration office and we will pass the information on to the appropriate group.

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