CommUNITY Living – Principles of considerate conduct

By Amy Holzer
CommUNITY Living Committee member

Beautiful lobby signs with positive quotes, articles in the newspaper, presentations to different groups – it has been a busy and productive year so far for the CommUNITY Living Committee. This committee continues to encourage everyone at Riderwood to “choose civility,” and we are just getting started.

Some plans for the second half of the year include continued presentations to groups on campus, the roll out of bookmarks highlighting the “12 Principles of Considerate Conduct,” and a presentation by Daniel L. Buccino, director of the Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative on October 10.

Be on the lookout for our collector items. We will be issuing bookmarks to celebrate the “12 Principles of Considerate Conduct.” Collect all 12 principles to be a winner. There could be a great prize in your future.

From “The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct” that Forni presents in Choosing Civility, we have chosen 12 and will call them the 12 Principles of Considerate Conduct. They are:

  1. Pay attention
  2. Acknowledge Others
  3. Listen
  4. Be Inclusive
  5. Speak Kindly
  6. Respect for Others’ Opinion
  7. Mind Your Body
  8. Respect Other People’s Time
  9. Respect Other People’s Space
  10. Refrain from Idle Complaints
  11. Respect the Environment
  12. Avoid Personal Question

Learn more about the principles by reading Choosing Civility by P. M. Forni. Copies are available in each campus library, as well as the county libraries. Before the end of the month, copies will be available for purchase on campus. Watch the bulletin boards and Riderwood TV for additional information.


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