Benevolent Care Fund Campaign kicks off

by Fiona Divecha
Resident Life & Philanthropy Manager

Through the kindness and generosity of many residents, staff, resident groups, community business partners, and family, the Benevolent Care Fund (BCF) is able to help residents who have exhausted all of their financial assets and are not able to cover their monthly costs with their monthly income. The BCF is a charity set up to help all residents at Riderwood if the unforeseen were to occur.

All of our residents worked hard all their lives to save for their retirement and had a plan. Every resident was screened to ensure they were financially able to take care of themselves for many years. The “unforeseen” is catastrophic or long-term medical conditions needing expensive, ongoing care. It can also be the high level of inflation on medical services or living a good, long life past any age you expected or could have planned.

Being able to provide financial assistance to these residents so that they may continue to live amongst their friends and neighbors at Riderwood is the mission of the Benevolent Care Fund. It is only possible through generous donations from kind neighbors like you.

Our annual fundraising campaign for the Benevolent Care Fund will start on July 18 and go through August 18. The Orient Express themed Gala will be held on September 16. We ask all residents to please participate by giving a donation or attending the Gala to help their neighbors. The BCF is a community fund and needs to have the entire community’s support.


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