Town Center renovations expected to begin this month

The view of the renovated Town Center lobby

by Bette Martin
RAC Communication Officer

Many of you remember what it was like to live through an ongoing renovation in your homes. It always started later than planned and was inconvenient while it was ongoing.

However, as you enjoyed your new space, the turmoil of the project faded and you were delighted with the results. When the renovation of Town Center is finished, residents will have a great deal to enjoy including a new Bistro, a refurbished Celebrations room, a redesigned Seasons dining room, new and comfortable living room furniture, and much more.

It is estimated that the renovation will start in mid-to-late June. It will be accomplished in two separate phases in an effort to ensure that resident comfort is maintained and disruptions are kept to a minimum; however, a certain amount of noise, dust, and change is unavoidable.

What you will see happening first is the arrival of two TMOs (double wide trailers that will serve as temporary mobile offices) situated near the tennis courts. They are being configured to Riderwood specifications so that as soon as they are in place, the Sales and Human Resources offices will move into them.

Once that move is completed, the Pub will close and a temporary wall enclosing the back part of the club house will be constructed. It will be parallel to the courtyard entrance, which will close in order to permit the work crews to access the building with minimal impact on residents. We will be able to see Phase One being accomplishedthrough windows in the wall. During this time, you will also see your favorite Pub staff serving at the Overlook lunch, as they will expect to be a bit busier.

The New Blue Plates Bistro will replace the existing Wye Oak Pub

During Phase Two, we will be using the refurbished Celebrations room to serve a special themed buffet nightly. Table service will be available in the newly renovated Bistro. Dining details are still being worked out, but rest assured no Town Center residents will go hungry.

Residents have already received an information sheet about the Town Center renovation in your cubby. During Phase One, weekly updates will be available in pockets posted on the construction wall.

The two phases of the construction plan

Other information, along with large posters with the new floor plan, as well as renderings of suggested interior designs will be in the coffee/game area to the right of the front entrance of Town Center. Additional information will be posted on MYERICKSON.

Meetings for Town Center residents are scheduled in the Celebrations room on Wednesday, June 7 at 2:00 PM and Thursday, June 8 at 11:00 AM. A meeting for the entire community, describing the project and fielding resident questions and concerns is scheduled for Friday, June 9 at 1:00 p.m. in Maryland Hall.


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