Riderwood resident authors featured in libraries

by Robert J. Merikangas
Resident Writer

How do you learn about books written by your fellow residents? Surely you hear about them in conversations, but there are other ways that they can be discovered.

Some are shelved separately in the campus libraries. The main Riderwood library is located in Village Square and auxiliary libraries can be found in Montgomery Station, Town Center, and Lakeside Commons.

Some books by residents are on shelves with the label “Resident Authors.” Also, now that the books in the Village Square Library are being put on the online catalog, you can search by the name of the author. This option is available under the Clubs and Organizations section on Riderwoodlife.org.

Some of the books are by authors still living here, such as Walter Rybeck. Many are former residents who have passed, such as Dorothy Sucher, Les Whitten, Harry Kiely, and William May.

It is common for residents to use self-publishing services, such as blurb or the local Summit Crossroads Press. One example is Tom Carcaterra’s recent book, Who Am I? A Solitary Search for Truth, published by Lulu Publishing Services, called “independent publishing for independent authors and creators.” Some of the resident books are for sale on Amazon, and some are in local libraries and can be found by searching the web or library catalogs.

Many of the books are about their lives and memories, such as the recent one by Pam Silverwood featured in the April Reporter. Some are edited collections, and some are about specific topics, such as the history of science by Steve Brush and Christian ethics by Phil Wogaman. Books that are quite valued for sharing here are books of poetry, often shared in the Poetry Sharing Group meetings.

Thinking of putting out a book yourself? See one of the resident authors for suggestions and advice! And thank them for their contributions to the world of books! Here is a short list, for those who do not yet know of them:

  • Poetry and Prose, by Robert Cohen (2014).
  • What Makes a Rose a Poem?, by Catherine Druitt (2016).
  • Poetry Treasures, by Icie Anderson Jackson and her daughter Sandy Anderson (2013).
  • Love and Memories: The Poetry of Isadore Seeman, by Sam Seeman (2016).

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