RAVAC oversees audio/visual upgrades to Riderwood campus

by Gene Martin
Co-Chair, Resident Audio Visual Advisory Council

Coordination between residents and staff is essential to keep the AV infrastructure (microphones, projectors, etc.) ready for use in our classrooms and larger venues, such as the Encore Theater and Chapel. Audio-visual technology is changing rapidly, so RAVAC is charged with upgrading this equipment and preparing the operators to use it. We hope that you are delighted with the

We hope that you are delighted with the changes that we’ve made and are enjoying our
enhanced audio and video. There are too many changes to list, but two main examples are the new level of sound reproduction and new projectors installations in every classroom. If you would like more details, please drop a note to Reggie Denis (General Services) or Gene Martin (KCT12) to arrange a tour of the Encore Theater control room and stage set-up.

Several issues still require further study: Chapel speaker placement, acoustics in Encore,
remote microphone transmission, ways to link Encore with the TV studio, and eventually
replacing outdated theater stage lighting.

The Training Committee, Helen Helm and Frank Altrichter, are training RAVAC members and should be able to offer training to resident volunteers and staff members who want to become AV Operators in Riderwood’s facilities. In turn, these qualified operators will
be available to help resident groups who need to use the AV equipment. When the registry of trained operators

When the registry of trained operators is completed, only they will be allowed to use AV equipment. You are invited to comment on this policy change, addressing your written
views to RAVAC, c/o the Executive Directors Office. The 11 members of

The 11 members of RAVAC were named and the group was chartered by Executive Director Gary Hibbs last year. If you’re interested in working with the group now or in the future, please contact our current members: Frank Altrichter, Reggie Denis (CoChair),
Mike Frimpong, Alan Hedin, Helen Helm, Amy Holzer, Bert Kaplan, Gene Martin (Co-Chair), David Nation, Hugh Palmer, and Christopher Taydus.


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