Minor repairs; big difference

by Mary Popkin
Resident Writer

Mark Holmes works to repair minor scratches to the wood trim in Lakeside Commons (Photo by Chris Taydus)

Have you ever met someone whose name helps to describe his or her work? You might do so if you live at Riderwood. Mark Holmes works to restore damaged wood accents, wall treatments in hallways, and tables, cabinets, desks and, recently, a few pews in the Chapel. Riderwood is home to about 2400 people, many of whom have benefited from the clean-up skills of a man who removes untidy marks such as scratches, nicks, scrapes and splits and other plights that blemish this community’s public areas and appear on those furnishings.

After completing high school, Mark decided college was not his next step in life. Instead, he was hired by a Baltimore furniture store in 1983. There he cleaned, dusted , and polished furniture intended for sale. Based upon his obvious abilities, his employer aided him in learning and utilizing skills required to return furniture from its damaged state to “like new” status.

Mark’s skills allowed him to continue working at the store while also repairing furniture in customers’ homes. That was how Mark was introduced to a top Riderwood employee. That encounter provided Mark the opportunity to begin sharing his skills one day a week at Riderwood in 2011. Management soon recognized the benefits of Mark’s work and shifted his schedule to full time based on need only one year later.

Residents, some of whom have experienced Mark’s furniture improvements on their own furniture likely agree that Holmes’ work certainly helps to improve their homes.


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