From the RAC – June 2017

by Bud Bare
General Services Liaison, RAC

Members of the general services committee have been named. This committee’s mission is to enhance communication between residents and the general services (GS) team.

If there is a concern that was reported through the normal process that has not been handled to a resident’s satisfaction, then a committee member can be asked to follow up with GS to ensure that the resident’s concern is addressed.

The committee member will also give explanations to residents when GS takes a particular action. There are two members from each village:

  • Jackie Pomeranz & Don Hawkins (TNC)
  • Maggie Kinnaman & Rita Hofbauer (MST)
  • Terrie Elliot & Jim Morgan (LSC)
  • Marvin Roush & Cathy Pasternak (VSQ)
  • Jack Wachtman (At Large)
  • Bud Bare (GS Liaison)

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