A gesture knitted in kindness

by Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

Courtney Dickson, an Arbor Ridge social worker, approached the Riderwood Knitting Club concerning a very tattered, hand-knitted afghan that was treasured by one of her clients, Suzanne Truss.

When it was displayed at a meeting, there was a consensus that the afghan could not be repaired. However, club member Zoe Spielman thought, “This is important to someone. I think that I can find a way.”

Zoe Spielman (left) and Suzanne Truss display the repaired afghan (photo by Courtney Dickson)

Zoe took the afghan home, spread it out, and gave the challenging project some careful thought. “I came up with a plan,” she says. Zoe carefully laundered the afghan in a zipper pillow case and repaired the holes by crocheting loose threads. Two medallions were crocheted to cover each hole. These were hand sewn on both sides of the afghan creating a beautiful product that retained the spirit of the original.

Suzanne moved to Riderwood 15 years ago. Her afghan received “hard use” in the two years that she has lived in Oak Grove. “I knitted this afghan more than 10 years ago and I was sad as I watched it come apart. Now I can continue to use it as a bed spread,” she said appreciatively.

Zoe was inspired by her mother, who was a knitter and taught her the craft as a child. This continues to be her hobby along with reading and needlepoint. She was an early childhood teacher in Brooklyn, NY, and after retirement, moved with her husband and mother to Laurel, MD. She and her sister, Elizabeth, moved from Glenwood to Hampton Square a year ago. Zoe tackled this project with perseverance and determination as she has with all life challenges.

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