Riderwood TV welcomes new coordinator, Robyn Hutson!

New Community TV Production Coordinator Robyn Hutson (left) help Riderwood TV Staff member Avedis Aghguiguian setup for a shoot

by Chris Taydus
Manager, Riderwood TV

From an early age, Robyn Hutson, new community television production coordinator for Riderwood TV, loved television and film.

“I grew up in a film oriented home,” Hutson says, “No one studied film. No one worked in television or film, but it was very film and TV-centered.”

Robyn was born in Chicago, Illinois, but her family moved to the suburbs of the city when she was young. She lived in the Midwest until Robyn decided to continue her education at Howard University, a historically black private university in Washington, D.C. While at Howard, Robyn’s passion for storytelling through TV and film truly blossomed.

“Once I got into college, it was solidified that I really loved [television and film production].” she remembers, “Just being able to create stories and tell other people’s stories is something that brings me a lot of joy.”

Her time at Howard University also provided a lot of experience that will surely help her excel in her career at Riderwood. She worked as a reporter for the campus newspaper, The Hilltop, and as a production assistant for WHUT, a PBS station owned and operated by the university. Most recently, Robyn worked as a creative intern for Park Triangle Productions, a production company in Washington, D.C. She graduated from Howard University last year with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio/TV/Film and a minor in Spanish.

She discovered the position at Riderwood while trying to decide on her future, but says that after applying, a random video on the internet made her realize that this was truly the right choice.

“I saw the job and applied for it just because it was production related,” she says, “but shortly after that I was watching a bunch of short films online. One of the films I watched centered around seniors and it just made me more enthusiastic because it introduced a whole other perspective that I never had before. I think we forget how many stories seniors have to tell.”

Those stories are something that Robyn is eager to bring to the forefront of Riderwood TV and the Riderwood Reporter.

“I’m really excited to tell stories that [residents] want to talk about,” she reveals, “It can be something small or a grand event in their lives. I’m really interested in what they have to say.”

Robyn will have the chance to tell those stories as she’ll be responsible for assisting with the day to day operations of Riderwood’s TV studio and channels. Robyn will also take over as editor-in-chief of the Riderwood Reporter starting with the June edition of the paper.


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