Gentlemen Songsters prepare for their second performance

by Ray Roth
Director, The Gentlemen Songsters

What does one do with nineteen divers men with backgrounds at NASA, the Air Force, in law, a sitting judge, etc. looking for a musical activity here in Riderwood? How about forming a men’s chorus? Voila! It happened and now these men are preparing for their second public concert. They are directed by Ray Roth with his wife, Cidney, as the accompanist.

The Gentlemen Songsters will present their concert, “Gentlemen Songsters and Three Surprises,” on Thursday, May 11 in the Riderwood Chapel at 2:00 p.m. with a repeat performance at 7:30 p.m.. The variety of music will include American folk songs, a Celtic song, a spiritual, songs from American musicals and songs written specifically for male choruses. The “surprises” will not be divulged until the actual performance.

No admission fee will be charged; however, all donations above the concert expenses will be given to the Riderwood Benevolent Care Fund.


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