From the Resident Directors Desk – May 2017

by Pat Davis
Resident Member, Board of Directors

Twice a year, the Riderwood Board of Directors and the Senior Executive Team invite Riderwood residents to a Town Hall meeting. The meeting in November focuses on the budget for the coming year, including changes in the monthly service package; and the May meeting presents and reviews the Annual Report for the previous year. This year’s spring meeting will be held on May 22 at 2 p.m. in the Maryland Hall. Members of the Riderwood Community Relations Committee will attend including Eileen Erstad, a member of the NSC Board, Joanne Rorapaugh, and myself.

A few days before that meeting residents may pick up copies of the 2016 Annual Report along with the Consolidated Financial Statements for 2015 and 2016 at each community front desk. The Report contains a review of the preceding year, highlights of plans for the current year, and bios of the Executive Management Team, the RAC, and the Board of Directors. Also included are sections on the organization and governance of National Senior Campuses (our supporting organization) and its advisory committees as well as information about the Board of Directors’ activities in 2016.

After the meeting on the 22nd, an additional document will be available for review in the Administrative Office or online. It will include Riderwood’s 2016 Income Tax return, the Form 990 or “Return of an Organization Exempt from Income Tax.” I invite you to take advantage of these documents and the meeting to learn more about our community.


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