Contributing to the future of Riderwood

by Fiona Divecha
Manager, Resident Life & Philanthropy

Leaving a legacy for Riderwood is altruism in its purest form. You give knowing that your benevolence will help another in the future, but you will not see the results of your kindness. It also shows how devoted you are to the Riderwood’s future.

The Legacy Society honors those who have made arrangements to leave a gift to Riderwood from their estate. We encourage you to consider leaving a legacy for the Benevolent Care Fund or the Scholarship Fund in the form of bequests from a will or trust, entrance deposit beneficiary designations, or charitable gift annuities. If you have already included the Benevolent Care or Scholarship Funds in your estate planning, please let us know now so that we can show you our appreciation. We would also like to make certain that we meet any conditions you might specify in the will or estate and that we are one step closer to reaching our goal.

If you feel that leaving a legacy gift to Riderwood would be meaningful to you, please contact Fiona Divecha, Philanthropy Manager, at 301-572-8396 to discuss your desires. We can go over all the options (from simple to complex) that will allow you to give in the most efficient and beneficial manner to your estate.

We will add your name to a leaf on our Legacy Tree in honor of your dedication to our community’s growth. The next induction ceremony of Legacy Society members will be

held on Thursday, May 18 at 3 p.m in Lakeside Commons.


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