Choosing Civility – May 2017

by Bea Rodgers
Information Chair, CommUNITY Living Committee

The CommUNITY Living Committee is continuing to work on its focus of enhancing and expanding an environment of respectful, positive, cordial and civil relationships within our Riderwood community. Our efforts and the principles which are being highlighted and emphasized parallel the Erickson values which have been the foundation upon which Riderwood was developed.

The committee is hard at work developing a variety of informational and educational opportunities to share the principles on which this effort is based. Specifically, the Program Subcommittee has developed a powerpoint presentation to engage leaders of some of the specific committees within our community and is finishing up the first round of presentation groups, such as the RAC and Values committee. They are now moving on to provide information—to “spread the word” so to speak to larger groups on our campus and invite them to join in the efforts to choose civility.

The CommUNITY Living Committee encourages each resident to become informed about this endeavor and make a difference in our lives. Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Four Rules of Considerate Conduct by P.M. Forni is available in our libraries. You are welcome to peruse this important book. Remember, a choice is a tool we all have and can utilize both in attitude and behavior!

“Empathy shines its light on our deepest needs, never allowing us to forget that our very survival depends on our ability to accurately understand and sensitively respond to each other.”

~ Arthur P. Ciaramicoli and Katherine Ketcham

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