Web Exclusive: New Riderwood TV Production Coordinator Hired!

byaaeaaqaaaaaaaaepaaaajdayytrhm2filtu0mzgtngqxzi1hn2q3ltdhmmvmmzuxzdk0mq Christopher Taydus
Riderwood TV Manager

It’s my pleasure to announce that Riderwood TV has hired its new Community TV Production Coordinator, Robyn Hutson.

Robyn joins Riderwood TV after graduating from Howard University last year with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, TV, and Film Production. While at Howard University, Robyn worked as a reporter for the campus newspaper, The Hilltop, and as a Production Assistant for WHUT, a PBS station owned and operated by the University. She also worked as a public relations assistant for the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, D.C.

Robyn will be responsible assisting with for the day to day operations of our studio and channels. She will also act as the Editor-in-Chief for the Riderwood Reporter starting with the June edition.

Robyn will begin in the TV Studio on Monday, April 3. Please feel free to reach out to Robyn and introduce yourself while she gets acclimated to the community and Erickson Living.

A full interview with Robyn will appear in the May edition of the Riderwood Reporter newspaper.


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