The Observer – April 2017

By Jim Feldman

24 Riderwood residents are 100 or more years old.
Read on for more information about our community.

Riderwood management took a census in February (they do this several times a year) and I thought you might be interested in some of the things it had to say about our community.

We have 2,490 residents, the vast majority of whom, 2,140, are in independent living apartments; 204 are in Arbor Ridge assisted living; 112 are in skilled nursing and 34 are in memory care.

There are more than twice as many women as men — 1,702 to 787, and one “unknown” gender.

Twenty-four residents are 100 years of age or older. Fourteen of them are in independent living apartment, seven are in assisted living and three centenarian are in skilled nursing.

The largest single age group is the 1,248 residents who are from 85 to 94 years old. Here are the other age groups:

95 — 99: 188 residents

75 — 84: 863 residents

65 — 74: 155 residents

55 — 64: 11 residents

Those of you who like to check these matters will note that this totals 2,489. There is one additional listing labeled “invalid,” that brings the total up to snuff.

In 2015 (the last year for which this statistic was available) the average age of new residents in assisted living was 80.4 years. This compares with an average incoming age of 77.8 years when Riderwood opened in 2000. It remained about the same in 2001, jumped to over 80 in 2003 and has been climbing ever since.

The average length of stay in independent living (IL) is 5.6 years but 629 of us have beaten the averages by remaining in IL for more than 10 years while 189 have been in IL seven to nine years.

That’s a snapshot of Riderwood’s profile. This is great place to be and they sure do take good care of us.



 I’ve been at Riderwood 10 years. Love it here.


Observer says: The best things in life are free — plus shipping and handling.


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