Love knows no distance for Riderwood couple

by Almed Girod
Resident Writer

Caryl and Jacques Hadler on their wedding day in 1942.

Caryl and Jacques Hadler celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary recently. The courtship began in 1941 when Caryl (a student at Wilson Teacher’s College in DC) traveled with friends by bus to Annapolis to attend a “hop” at the Naval Academy and was noticed by midshipman Jacques. The girls were affectionately called “drags.” Jacques grew up in Arndt, North Dakota, “with a population of six who were all family.” Caryl was a native of DC.

After their 1942 marriage, the couple lived in DC and San Francisco as Jacques served as an engineering duty officer. Later he went to MIT for a graduate degree in naval architecture. He resigned from the Navy in 1949 to begin a 31-year career with David Taylor Model Basin in DC. Jacques then went to Webb Institute in Glencove, New York, where he was named a Dean and continues to this day doing teaching and research, driving back to Riderwood for some weekends and college breaks.

Caryl volunteered at Washington Hospital Center for 40 years as well as becoming involved through the Kuwait Embassy by placing high school graduate students with American families for one year to prepare them for college and life in the United States. The Hadlers have had nine young men live in their home, and this has led to Caryl making 25-30 visits to Kuwait. The students call her Yuma (Mother in Arabic) as do her family members. Referring to the Kuwait students, Caryl says “My boys are now grandfathers.”

The Hadler Family

Jacques designs beautiful, unique wood art. Caryl’s hobby is “people.”

Jacques designed their home in Bethesda as well as a vacation home on the Chesapeake Bay where their four children, ten grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren gather. Caryl says “Inshallah” which is Arabic for “God Willing” that their family may increase and that this special couple continues to enjoy life with them.


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