From the Resident Advisory Council

After the yearly Resident Advisory Council (RAC) election, the chair assigns each member a liaison role. In general, liaisons work with responsible administrators to learn about current department activities and to follow up on resident concerns and suggestions. Liaisons keep the RAC informed of any major issues or changes.

Liaison Assignments for 2017-2018 are (Bold denotes the newly elected or re-elected members of the council):

  • Bud Bare – General Services
  • Bob Boger – Chair
  • Carolyn Compton – Resident Life
  • Dick Dowd – Secretary, Resident Concerns
  • Ed Gehres – Dining Services
  • Tom Kelley – Marketing, Human Resources
  • Bette Martin – Information Officer, Information Technology
  • Jack Wachtman – Interim Vice Chair, Finance
  • Suzan Wynne – Medical Center, Arbor Ridge, Home Health, Home Support

You can learn more about the RAC liaisons from their reports on the Riderwood TV News program and from the RAC columns in the Riderwood Reporter.

– Bette Martin, RAC Information Officer


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